Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year Eve Eve!


Happy New Year's Eve Eve! Bryan and I will be celebrating in San Francisco with friends! We can't wait to see fireworks on the Warf and bring in the new year! We've never done something this exciting! [Ha! I know, kinda lame! But I sorta like New Years in our cozy bed.] We have a couple of New Years Resolutions:


  • Set up a forge and blacksmith
  • Build a barn at work
  • Increase yield at farm by decreasing the coddling moth population
  • Learn how to use Sam's old camera and help her shoot
  • Take daily time to reflect in my daily journal
  • Get business cards
  • Shoot often and put myself out there. 
  • Make more sushi at home than going to those dang gluttonous and oh so awesome sushi buffets
  • More sunrise hikes
  • Continually work at being content where ever I am
And both of us have a couple of goals together =)
  • More backpacking trips
  • Bike around Lake Tahoe
  • Mud run together
  • Save a bit more for that farm of ours
  • Continue our Monday walk and talks together.

We hope all of you have tons of fun this evening! Stay safe! See you in 2012!